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Best Ways To Enjoy A Winter Pedal Pub Tour

You may have taken a tour on our pedal pub in the summer but you don’t want to miss out on the perks of a fall or winter ride! Pub crawls are a fun Raleigh activity regardless of the weather, but the commute from bar to bar can be chilly. Pedaling will keep your feet nice and warm! Plus, Trolley Pub offers heaters on board and we can hook you up with blankets too! Check out these tips to make the most of your cold weather Raleigh party bike tour. Stay warm out there!

Tip#1 Go in the daytime since it’s warmer for a pub tour

Trolley Pub Pedal Pub in Raleigh, NC

If the sun is out, the temperature is usually bearable here. Take advantage of the daylight and book your pub tour before sunset! You can cozy up with some blankets and all the pedaling around will warm you up as well.


Tip #2 Book us for your next corporate or family holiday celebration

Raleigh Corporate Events: Trolley Pub

The winter months are the time for lots of parties and quality time with work colleagues, friends, and family. If you are the person that usually plans these outings, Trolley Pub is a must this season. You can even suggest us to your boss or event planner for your next celebration. Enjoy something different than the usual dinner and trivia games and hop on board with us for an awesome pub tour!


Tip #3 Take advantage of festive drinks

Best Winter Raleigh Activities: Wine Tastings

Coffee is not the only seasonal drinks to look forward to. Bars create fun festive drinks for all the seasons. During your stops you can try these limited time cocktails and brews, or you can take advantage of holiday drink specials going on.


Tip #4 Dancing is the best way to stay warm

Staying Warm on The Trolley Pub in Raleigh, NC

As guests of the Trolley Pub, you get to choose and request places to stop at during the tour. We recommend stopping at a local dancing spot to warm your blood up. Dancing is always a quick way to break a sweat! Afterwards, you will be glad to go back out to the cooler temperatures and continue the pub tour.


Tip #5 It’s like a winter bonfire… but better

Everyone looks forward to bonfires with friends and family. It is a great way to spend the cold months but still get the opportunity to be outdoors. Trolley Pub can cover these desires and more for you. No need for a fire when we have heaters and blankets on board. Have you ever tried a smores brew? Yum! You get to change up the scenery and at the end of the night, the cleanup is our job, so you can head on to the next spot or back to your warm homes. We love having guests join us all year and hope we see you this holiday season!


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