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Top 5 Corporate Team Building Activities in Raleigh

We understand that you want to keep things interesting and fun among your team when planning for corporate outings but the planning process of coming up with something to do might be tough. We want to help you out and get the creative juices flowing so that everyone in the workplace continues to look forward to team building activities! Listed here are 5 ideas to change things up when planning for your next corporate event. We would be lying if we said we weren’t biased on number 5 being an absolute must!

1. Scavenger Hunt

  Scavenger Hunt Corporate Event in Raleigh

This one might take a little more planning, but it will result in absolute fun for everyone involved! You make a scavenger hunt list of items to go find or do around Raleigh, split the colleagues up into teams, then the race is on! Each team races around the city to check off the items on the list. The internet (especially Pinterest) is a great resource to find already prepared scavenger hunts and you can tweak them for Raleigh specifically. This will make for tons of laughs and memories that will be discussed for months to come back in the office.

2. Paint Party

 Team Building Activities in Raleigh: Paint Party

Be creative and throw your own company paint party! You can hire an artist to come in for an hour or two or just let everyone freestyle some artwork with paint and canvases. Don’t forget to remind everyone to BYOB and snacks. This is a stress-free environment that will have everyone in positive spirits back at work.  

3. Escape Room

 Corporate Outings in Raleigh: Escape Room

If you’ve participated in an Escape Room before then we imagine you had a blast and would vote to do it again. If you haven’t put yourself to the test before, then we highly suggest it. Having your team locked in a room, working together to escape will allow coworkers, including upper management, to bond with one another. You will learn more about a person and the way they think when you see them under (fun) pressure. Escape Rooms are popular so there are many themes to choose from. This is a great corporate team building activity that does not require much planning beforehand either.

4. Food Tour

Corporate Event Ideas: Raleigh Food Tour

You probably know by now that free food is the way to most people’s hearts. There are a few companies in Raleigh alone that you can book a food tour with, such as Taste Carolina and Triangle Food Tour. During these tours, your team will get to go behind the scenes of local, popular restaurants, meet the chefs and try some of the best food that Raleigh has to offer. This might be one of the quickest ways to excite the office about your next corporate event!

5. Trolley Pub Raleigh

Corporate Team Building Ideas in Raleigh: Trolley Pub

We told you number 5 was a personal (and we like to think crowd) favorite. There is nothing more stress-free than the outdoors, good music, good drinks and good people. Build your team morale and join us on a pedal pub tour for your next team building or corporate event in Raleigh! Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can customize the event to fit your team’s needs.

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