Best Local Charlotte Gift Ideas

Gift giving can be a challenge each year. You want to give something personal, yet you also want it to be something they’ll use. A local gift from Charlotte is the best choice if you want to make your loved one feel special and support your local businesses. Here are some of our favorite holiday gift ideas in Charlotte.

1. Bottle of Wine from The Wine Vault

Experience Gifts in Charlotte

This is a wine bar and store that began in 1986. It is a cool, laid back place that you can hangout out at as well. Take a trip there, sip on some wines, then choose your favorite selection to gift to a loved one. This is a great way to share something with them that they can enjoy, and you personally picked out. The Wine Vault is located in Shoppes at University Place.

2. Gift card to Eden Therapy and Massage

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You can never go wrong with some R&R for a gift. Everyone enjoys being pampered and having a chance to destress. You can support this local business while also giving your loved one a gift card for a massage. If you are a couple, we recommend booking their couples massage, so you can have some quality time and both get to enjoy the gift together (what a win).

3. Clothing from 704 Shop

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This store is a Charlotte lifestyle brand, which is perfect for a local gift idea! They are known for their t-shirts and hats, along with other apparel. If you know the size your loved one wears, then you can pick out one (or two) of their fun graphic tees. It would be more meaningful to pick out a piece of apparel personally, rather than doing a gift card for a clothing store. Unless you really don’t know what they might like from there then play it safe with a gift card.

4. Tower Place Jewelers

Best Gift Card Ideas in Charlotte for the Holidays

Jewelry is always a good idea but shopping local not only helps the business but is a more sentimental gift. You can pick out a piece that your loved one will likely never see anyone else wearing since you did not order online or shop from a corporate business. If you are shopping for a lady, then a nice bracelet will get worn a lot or a watch if you need a gift for the man in your life.

5. Last Place on Earth Pet Shop

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You might not be able to get them a new puppy for the holidays, but anything pet related always warms someone’s heart. This local spot is a great choice for a gift card if your loved one or friend has any pets. They also sell fish, so you might consider putting together a fish setup (salt or freshwater) and gifting a new aquatic companion. Fish are an easy choice of pet to take care of!

6. Gift card to The Beehive


Experience Gifts in Charlotte

This is a fun shop to visit that is full of clothing, accessories, home décor, food/ treats, and other small knick knacks to browse through. You can choose to get a gift card so someone else can enjoy the experience of visiting the shop but don’t forget to also buy some of their honey onsite before leaving. A gift card with fresh honey is such a sweet (no pun intended) gift for someone!

7. Trolley Pub Gift Card

Trolley Pub Gift Vouchers in Charlotte, NC


Yes, we have gift cards! A lot of times, experiences can be more meaningful than tangible objects. This is a great way to get to enjoy some time with a friend or family member. You can both hop onboard with us, enjoy some time exploring the beautiful city, listening to great music, and enjoying beverages along the way. It would be a memorable experience that anyone would thank you for, we promise!


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