Top Tips For A Winter Pedal Pub Ride

It’s officially sweater weather and you know what that means. Cool nights around bonfires, hot chocolate, and cozying up with warm blankets. But just because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some outdoor activities too! With Trolley Pub, you can still plan Charlotte bar crawls with your friends but with the advantage of covers and heaters in between stops! Check out these tips to make the most of your cold weather Charlotte party bike tour. Stay warm out there! 


Tip #1 Take advantage of warmer weather and book a day tour

Winter Pedal Pub Tour: Charlotte Pub Crawl

We know how the weather here in Charlotte changes drastically by the hour. For our cold months, the sun keeps it warmer during the day and when it goes down, the temps really start to drop. The good news is that you can book a Trolley Pub tour during the day! Get out while the sun is still out, and it will be so fun that you won’t even notice the brisk air.


Tip #2 Easy booking for a holiday celebration

Winter Activities in Charlotte, NC

The holidays are time for lots of celebrations. Trolley Pub is a quick process to book and celebrate with friends or family. It also makes for a great corporate workplace outing. We guarantee people will remember this experience over the usual dinner and drinks celebration.


Tip #3 Dancing keeps you warm

Things To Do in Winter in Charlotte

During the tour, you get to make stops at different pubs and bars around Charlotte. We suggest you pick somewhere to dance. Dancing is always a great way to break a quick sweat and then you will be ready to get back on the pub tour with cooler temperatures. Howl at the Moon Charlotte is a great place to plan on making this type of stop at!


Tip #4 Holiday drinks

Charlotte Pub Crawl: Trolley Pub

While stopping at different spots, you should take advantage of the holiday drink specials going on at each bar. This is the time for giving so there will be lots of discounted drinks to try out. You might even decide to bring some seasonal beer along on the pub tour!


Tip #5 Just do it!

Charlotte Winter Pedal Pub Tour

We hear this motto used for so many things and it doesn’t stop here. Don’t let the lower temperatures stop you from getting out and having fun. Being stuck indoors is not the way to spend an entire season. The Trolley Pub is what everyone deserves and to have a total blast with friends and family.


We can’t wait to have you join us. We enjoy it just as much (if not more) as you do. We are a #1 rated experience on Trip Advisor just to reinsure you how much fun you are getting yourselves into.


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