Do it Yourself Halloween Pub Crawl! 🎃

Don’t rely on Halloween events to give you a memorable Halloween eve – try organizing your own Halloween event for you and your friends!

Pub crawls, or sometimes known as bar-hopping or bar crawls, are events where participants visit multiple bar locations in one night, usually by foot or by riding public transportation. It can be a great way to experience the city you live in and have an interactive night with your circle of friends!

Dress up as your favorite character or be the spookiest version of yourself that you can be and follow this itinerary of awesome bars to check out on foot in downtown Charlotte. Grab your group of friends and make your own private bar crawl event!

1. The Cotton Room at Belfast Mill

Halloween masquerade bar crawl Charlotte


We recommend starting off with this place since it is very laid back and you can ease yourselves into the night. They have a cool speakeasy vibe going on here to make you really get in the Halloween zone by being in a different era of time. After you feel ready to kick it up a notch you can head on foot to the next spot on the list.


 2. Lucky’s Bar and Arcade

You can stay partying in another era with this bar being known for their 90’s music. Start to crank things up a notch with their arcade games while enjoying your choice of beer or cocktail. If anyone forgot to eat at the start of the night then you can grab some quick pub food to share with one another.


3. Howl at the Moon Charlotte

Halloween Club Dancing in Charlotte

Just by the name of this bar, you know it is a Halloween must with its spooky vibes. Here you will find live piano shows, great dance music, and the popular bucket drinks for those that are really trying to enjoy their night. Stay here for a while in this party scene and dance the night away. Maybe you’ll even find yourself howling at the moon by the end of your stop here.



4. Fitzgerald’s

Charlotte nc Halloween party food

By now you will probably have worked up an appetite so head on over to Fitzgerald’s and grub out on some Irish pub food to fill your stomachs. Here you can continue to enjoy a drink because you ARE in an Irish pub and we know how the Irish can throw a party.





5. Rooftop 210

Alcoholic drinks in Charlotte nc

Now it is time to slow down the night and end it with epic views of the skyline. This bar is exactly where it says it is, on a rooftop! Grab some drinks to close out the night, mingle with new people, get a good laugh at other costumes of choice, and close out this night knowing that you did Halloween right.




Alternative Option: The Trolley Pub Charlotte

This is the PERFECT option if you would rather not go by foot all night to your stops. Our motor-powered bike ride is easy, fits your whole crew, and you can still make stops at your bars of choice. If you are feeling indecisive then ask the driver onboard. We always have local recommendations that you will enjoy. This choice will get you around faster and you can still enjoy a cold drink while headed to your next bar. You will even have time afterwards to go back to your favorite spot and hangout for the rest of the night. Check out our website for more details on how to book your Trolley Pub ride!


We hope to see you onboard!