Why Choose A Pedal Pub For Your Charlotte Corporate Event

How often do you have team building activities among your staff? Too many businesses are trying to hold weekly “fun” activities within the office but it is important to get out for a change of scenery. Maintaining healthy relationships among coworkers as well as positive and happy spirits will only help excel the success that happens in the office. Lucky for you, we have the perfect team outing with minimal planning offered right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with happy spirits, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and a little exercise snuck in, listed here are strong reasons you will want to book your next corporate event with us.

1. Bond With Coworkers & Upper Management

Team Building activities in Charlotte
You may sometimes wish you had more time to get to personally know more of the people you spend your work days with. The Trolley Pub is a 2-hour ride, which is the perfect time to spend really getting to know one another in a fun setting. Whether you joke about one another’s taste in music, beverage of choice, pedaling effort, or any interesting conversations that tend to occur during the ride, you will leave feeling like you made new bonds with people that work in the same office that you never had a chance to get to know before this.

2. Build New Connections in a Casual, Low Pressure Environment

Team Building activities in Charlotte
Let’s be honest; two hours of pedaling side by side, drinking, there will be some great laughs and release of any work pressures that existed before you arrived. You are outdoors, exploring the city and jamming out with awesome people. This sounds like completely casual fun to us! Who knows, this might feel like the right time to ask for that raise you have been wanting. Okay, that might be a little extreme, but you get the point with how laid back this is to make team building a breeze.

3. Return To Work With A Positive Attitude & Team Morale

Corporate Team Building in Charlotte
A few cold drinks and exercise can go a long way with conversations. We guarantee some jokes and embarrassing moments will be told (or created) on Trolley Pub and they will not be forgotten when you return to work. The time spent on our pub tour will extend back into the office with great spirits and tighter knit bonds among your team. We bet there will be Snap Chat and Instagram proof of what went down to share with those that couldn’t make it too.

Build your team morale and join us on a pedal pub tour for your next team building or corporate event in Charlotte! Give us a call or shoot us an email and Trolley Pub Charlotte can customize the event to fit your team’s needs.