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Explore Baltimore Aboard the Trolley Pub


Trolley Pub is a pedal-powered, eco-friendly, pub-crawling trolley for up to 15 people at a time. The Trolley Pub is powered by YOU and your fellow pedalers. It’s hard not to smile on the Trolley Pub! This Pedal Bike Bar of Baltimore also offers tons of options when it comes to Downtown Baltimore tours. Celebrate your special occasion with this pedal bar and create long-lasting memories, with loved ones.

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Trolley Pub Baltimore tours are one of the best things to do in Baltimore, Maryland. This pedal bike bar lets you experience the city in the open air and has room to fit all your friends, family, and colleagues! Our beer trolleys can also accommodate large groups of up to 30. Rent out the whole private beer bike by Trolley Pub Baltimore or join a mixer pub tour if you have a smaller group. All tours are two hours long.   

Baltimore’s Hottest Spots

Trolley Pub cruises right through Downtown Baltimore. Riders can choose 2-3 stops at breweries, pubs, and restaurants during their tour. We’ve partnered with several great bars in Fells Point to offer you drink specials on your tour!  Most tours make 3 stops.  All Tours start in front of Ale Mary’s.